Thursday, December 19, 2013

REVIEW: Nailrits Nail Art Kit

"Nailrits" is a fun product that even the least creative person could make there nails look like you went to the salon. The Neon kit includes 10 nail polishes with brush and a detail fine til, 5 component connectors, and a cleaning tool for detail fine tip.

 I am going to a Christmas party soon and I wanted a nice design that would symbolize Christmas. So I used the Neon kit which includes.. Orange Crush, Lemon, Sunkist, Fushia Violet Femmes, Lime, Hot Pink, Purplicious, Outer Limits Blue, and Glow-in-the-Dark. Here is a tutorial of what I had in mind!

Step 1. Ok so first what you want to do is take your Lime dotting tool and screw off the top to open up the brush part, and paint every other nail that color. Do the same with the Fushia.

Step 2. On the Lime nails dot the Fushia drag it some to make it look like bulbs. On the Fushia place lime dots and drag for a bulb affect.

Step 3. Use a black nail art brush (I used the brand Brash) and drag along the thin sides of your bulbs. 

That's all! It's really simple. I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. To buy the Neon kit click here:

To try out other kits click here:

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