Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Star Style

For most working women, the holiday season seems to have crept up, leaving our wardrobes unprepared for the dozens of parties happening left and right. Chances are, you’ve exhausted all your outfit options during the first tide of Christmas parties, and now you’re scrambling left and right to come up with outfits without committing the dreaded holiday faux pas: outfit repeating.

So what’s a woman who’s RSVP-ed too much to do? Get inspired and get creative! It's a good thing the Internet has made inspiration only a couple of clicks away. Celebrity style icons are your best source for innovative ways to make your wardrobe holiday appropriate. Celebrities spend thousands of dollars for stylists to make them look positively alluring during holiday events, and you can definitely cop their style at almost no cost.

We’ve chosen four celebrities who have been making rounds in holiday best dressed list for their smart and flattering sartorial choices. Great make-up and accessories are played up to the hilt as well. We’ve listed down elements of their style that you can apply to your own wardrobe, say goodbye to holiday party jitters!

1.) Emma Stone

If you hate the drab colors, Emma Stone definitely feels the same way. This quirky girl is known to inject bright pops of color into any outfit. She’s not one to be draped in uber formal gowns too; most of her outfits are short and sweet which definitely highlights her youth.

To mimic Emma Stone’s style stick to structure bright colored pieces. Pair a skin-tight sweater top with a peplum skirt and top of with bright glossy lipstick. Keep the rest of your make-up to a minimum and try a casual hairstyle such as a loose chignon. This look is best for casual dinners with friends and the occasional night out with cocktails.

2.) Anne Hathaway

Discounting Anne’s recent flashing incident, Hathaway has been consistent in surprising style critics in holiday parties. This girl is all about the dramatic element; her statuesque figure is great for her sartorial picks as well. If you’re looking to make a splash, emulate Anne’s Looks. Her recent black dominatrix themed outfit during the premiere of Les Miserables has definitely been the talk of the town. She’s fond of Ankle length flowy dresses and sequin appliques as well. If you’re planning to dress like her, the golden rule is if you feel like anything is enough, just add one more thing, and the outfit will definitely pop! Of course remember to do your outlandish outfit choices with reference to your body type and the occasion.

3.) Kristen Stewart

The ubiquitous Twilight celeb definitely has nothing in common with her simple dressing character, Bella Swan. The best part about Kristen’s outfit choices is that she isn’t afraid to take risks, and these risks usually pay off, big time.

Whether she’s decked out in a gothic designer number or a head to toe sequin piece, she never loses her affable self-deprecating charm. So if you’re the type who isn’t afraid to tint your outfit with a strong personality, you should emulate Kristen Stewart’s style indeed. Make-up wise, just pile on the eye line for a sexy smoky eye and you’re good to go.

4.) Olivia Palermo

While her claim to fame into the collective consciousness may have been a short lived MTV show, Olivia’s style star has already skyrocketed in the fashion industry. She’s the epitome of classiness, a steely all American girl who would never be caught dead without freshly blown dry hair.

If you want to cop her style without going head to toe designer, just choose dresses in classic cuts such as shift dresses with clean lines and good stitching. While impeccable workmanship doesn’t come cheap these days, you can scour your local thrift store for vintage finds that have stood the test of time. Just keep in mind that Olivia adheres to a strictly minimalist aesthetic, so no gaudy ribbons or rainbow colors!


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