Friday, November 30, 2012

Your Top 3 Winter Skin Problems, Solved!

Cold weather has been known to take a toll on the skin. Sometimes your skincare rituals need to take an overhaul too to accommodate the sudden drops in temperature. If you find yourself waking up to more skin problems than usual, you’re not alone. Men and women everywhere are more prone to allergies, dry flaky patches and even acne every winter. If these problems sound familiar to you, read on for a run down of the most common winter skin problem, and how to solve them.

1. Dry Flaky Patches

What’s Happening?

Chilly winds and indoor heating have sapped the moisture off your skin leaving it parched. You now have peeling skin in patches, and since skin is thinnest on the face, your T-zone looks dull and flaky as well.

How to solve it:

Since dry patches are caused by a loss in moisture, make sure you moisturize every chance you get. Switch to an extra rich body wash, such as Dove Beauty Wash, and opt for luxurious body butters instead of the usual lotion.

Other culprits of dry skin would also be excess indoor heating, and prolonged hot showers. To combat the drying effect of these, invest in a humidifier for the home and shorten your morning showers. Ease up on over cleansing the face as well, since this would strip it of natural oils.

If your skin contuse to flake and shows signs of swelling and rashes, have your doctor check for eczema, a sever dryness of skin that can only be cured through oral or topical steroids.

2. Red Irritated Skin

What’s happening?

While slight redness that come and go sporadically due to chilly temperatures can be ignored, the more persistent kind is often a symptom of skin inflammation. Winter causes red scaly patches or shiny red skin with pimples that seem to never disappear.

How to solve it:

Your irritated skin might just be caused by allergies, so try switching to unscented hypoallergenic products to see if it helps resolve your issues. If redness and blotchiness remains, it might be time to consult your dermatologist.

Psoriasis and Rosacea are two skin conditions that are aggravated by cold weather. With the former, large red scaly patches often appears on skin, most especially in one’s extremities. Since psoriasis is chronic in nature it’s easier to treat with early detection. Dermatologists usually recommend medical creams. In rare cases phototherapy might be recommended to manage the skin condition for good.

Rosacea on the other hand is a common skin condition that just happens to rear its ugly head once winter rolls around. It’s characterized by extreme redness with occasional pimples and rough skin. While it’s harmless by nature, it’s also very noticeable. A lot of topical drugstore creams can alleviate it’s physical symptoms very well.

3. Acne

What’s Happening?

If you think you’ve said a permanent goodbye to acne problems when you reached your 20’s, you might be wrong. Cold weather is notorious for causing sudden breakouts. Pores become blocked by excess oil and dead skin cells causing pimples to appear. Stress from all night holiday parties, binge drinking and fatty Christmas foods can also contribute to the worsening state of your skin.

How to solve it:

While freezing temperatures may not be to blame for your breakouts, it definitely contributes by fostering an environment where bacteria on skin can thrive. Switch to an oil cleanser such as Shu Uemura’s cleasing oil. It gently removes grime from your face without stripping it of natural moistures.

Don’t be so hasty with those drying gels that worked so well during your teens, adult skin doesn’t react the same way to those harsh chemicals anymore. Opt for topical treatments that contain chemicals less potent than the familiar Benzoyl Peroxide.

While you’re at it, keep your partying in check too. Allow for enough snooze and healthy exercise in between your holiday fetes. After all, maintaining flawless skin is a must if you want to be the belle of the ball in those parties.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Injecting Bright Pops of Summer Color in your Winter Wardrobe

When the temperatures start to drop, your color choices automatically turn frigid too. Your happy yellows and bright pinks somehow seem inappropriate for the somber seasons. So you unhappily put your acid colors in storage in favor of the blacks and browns that everybody seems to be wearing. While colder climates are scientifically proven to dampen spirits, wearing dull colors definitely won’t help in your battle against the cold weather blues.

Good thing that fashion rules are practically made to be broken. You entire summer wardrobe doesn't have to gather dust till next June. A lot of colorful pieces can be easily incorporated to your roster of winter coats. Aside from that, bright hues bring a lot of impact, so an acid colored clutch or a bright orange cocktail ring can do wonders for your look too.

Read on for a few tips to escape the dreary winter wardrobe spell. The sun might not be shining as brightly these days, but that doesn't mean that you can’t up your own wattage to compensate!

Don’t be so hasty with storing your summer dresses 

Dresses in light airy fabrics can be layered over thicker solid dresses to keep it temperature appropriate. You can also wear these dresses with fun printed tights to make a fashion statement. Great pieces should be shown off, gone are the days when being bundled up means resigning yourself to looking frumpy.

With fashion relying largely on creativity, you’ll be saving a few bucks too if you recycle pieces from previous seasons. Think out of the box too. Your favorite beach cover- up can easily turn into a fall scarf. Save yourself the effort of having to face the holiday crowds to update your wardrobe, everything you need could already be in your closet.

Balance bright colors with cold weather friendly fabrics 

If you can't resist the new collections, you’ll be glad to know that most designers are staying away from drab colors this fall. The racks are now filled with shades of electric blue and magenta. Choose fall trench coats in vibrant colors, so you can easily stand out.

Whites are also big this season, and a lot of high street brands seem to be stocking up on this color. H&M’s recent Margiela collaboration has elegant white pieces in luxurious plush fabrics that will keep you cozy but stylish as well.

When in doubt, layer 

Layering gives brand new life to your favorite pieces. If you’re a fan of lightweight cardigans and tank tops, you can layer them with basic colored Henleys and make them fall friendly. Top it off with a printed scarf and boots, and you’ll have an endless array of wardrobe choices, at a fraction of the price.

Don’t shy away from print! 

Prints were particularly popular in the Fall 2012 fashion runway. If you’re not up to solid bright colors, you can inject pops of color in your print choices as well. Look out for military prints, baroque or oriental patterns, since these are definitely in trend right now. If you’re more of a girly-girl invest in a couple of floral print blazers as well.

Beautiful shoes will always be appreciated 

If you prefer to stick to the basics for fall, your accessories can become your statement pieces instead. Opulent shoes or ankle boots never go out of style. Jewel colored flats or Red Pumps are style staples that can add the much needed oomph to your classic dresses. If your style sensibility leans more towards punk, Neon colored Doc Martens are guaranteed eye catching footwear as well. Aside from shoes, neon colored necklaces or clutches are your best bet in keeping your outfits looking fresh without too much of the 80’s vibe.

Add colors to the details 

Lastly, nails and make-up also have great potential in adding more color to your look. An all black outfit can easily go from serious to playful if you pair it up with a hot pink lippie. Nail art and strategic hair highlights are also a great way to inject color, without going overboard. The best part about this is that it’s cheap and easy to change to suit your mood.

So don’t feel stuck with the somber side of the color wheel. With a little creativity and fashion bravado, you can stand out from the pack with playful colors that will tide your fetish for bright hues till spring season comes along.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

MAC’s Russian Red Lipstick Review

MAC's Russian Red has been a cult favorite for a very long time and after purchasing it, I can see why! MAC lipsticks are sold for 14.50 for .10 oz, and I think the price is a perfect mid-range that is appealing to all budgets. The cool tone of the red makes this lipstick very appealing as it is dark enough to be worn in the day and night, it is the perfect "mid-tone neutral red". The coolness of it also makes it nice to wear because it makes your teeth look whiter ;)

MAC's Russian Red is a matte finish lipstick that is mostly a mid-tone red but it does appear cooler against my warm skin tone, the undertone really depends on the person. It is very opaque and the staying power is amazing, although a bit drying. I usually apply a lip liner all over my lips and then apply the lipstick, this ensures the lipstick will stay all day.

The lipstick is part of the permanent line and I would definitely recommend it if you are on the lookout for an amazing red. MAC also offers Russian Red lip glass, which is this lipstick but in lipgloss form.
I would recommend applying this lipstick for the perfect pin-up look or also with a subtle smokey eye to create the sultriest look....

This is one of my favorite MAC lipsticks and it is a must have! It is definitely a 10/10 in texture, longevity, pigmentation, and overall product. Let me know your thoughts on it and if you plan on purchasing it.

Here I am wearing it on 4th of July! I received tons of compliments!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Guest Post: Michelle Obama Style 2011

Best Dressed First Lady with attainable Style Michelle-Obama-magazine-covers-2011 
Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States appears in Glamour, Reader's Digest and Essence in 2011.

Michelle Obama, our current First Lady seems to easily transform herself, a shape changer if you will, to fit the mood or occasion. More than any recent First Lady, Michelle Obama has embraced fashion on all frontiers.


She has made "off the rack" fashion cool, she is not afraid to "re-wear" clothes, she supports many American designers, yet she will "cross the pond" and wear other non-American Designers as well. Michelle Obama is a smart, Harvard educated lawyer who embraces the role of First Lady, supporting her husband, rather than upstaging him. She uses that keen intelligence when travelling in our nation or abroad to present the First Lady role in an elegant light. Yet, she is not afraid to exercise,

First Lady Michelle Obama Attends World Record Jumping Jack Event
(Michelle Obama kicks off a Guinness World Record Jumping Jack Event on the White House Lawn)

(Michelle laughs on the phone, deplanes with her mom, watches the White House Easter Egg Roll with daughter Milia, and celebrates July 4th with husband, President Barack Obama in a Red and Blue Sophie Theallet design dress ($995))

Here's some of Michelle's outstanding dresses/gowns from 2011.
(1st photo: Michelle wears Black Ralph Lauren from his Fall 2011 to meet with Queen, 2nd photo: Michelle wears a Doo Ri Chung gown to a State dinner with South Korean President and his wife, 3rd Photo: designer unspecified).

One of her most astonishing gowns for 2011 was worn when she met the queen, because of its remarkable resemblance to another first lady's "Meet the Queen" Dress (Jacqueline Kennedy).  Can you see the similarities between the Tom Ford designed white gown for Michelle Obama and Hubert de Givenchy's pale ice blue gown for Jackie O?

I admire Michelle Obama's ability to show reserve as much as I admire her ability to display bold style. As is the case below:

Michelle Obama wears a simple black Byron Lars for the 10 year 9-11 Memorial Observance

While it would take a book to showcase all the fine clothing Mrs. Obama wears to various functions, this piece would not be complete without featuring Michelle in this Alexander McQueen gown that stole the show at a State Dinner on 1-19-2011.


Chief Blonde
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