Monday, November 19, 2012

Guest Post: Michelle Obama Style 2011

Best Dressed First Lady with attainable Style Michelle-Obama-magazine-covers-2011 
Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States appears in Glamour, Reader's Digest and Essence in 2011.

Michelle Obama, our current First Lady seems to easily transform herself, a shape changer if you will, to fit the mood or occasion. More than any recent First Lady, Michelle Obama has embraced fashion on all frontiers.


She has made "off the rack" fashion cool, she is not afraid to "re-wear" clothes, she supports many American designers, yet she will "cross the pond" and wear other non-American Designers as well. Michelle Obama is a smart, Harvard educated lawyer who embraces the role of First Lady, supporting her husband, rather than upstaging him. She uses that keen intelligence when travelling in our nation or abroad to present the First Lady role in an elegant light. Yet, she is not afraid to exercise,

First Lady Michelle Obama Attends World Record Jumping Jack Event
(Michelle Obama kicks off a Guinness World Record Jumping Jack Event on the White House Lawn)

(Michelle laughs on the phone, deplanes with her mom, watches the White House Easter Egg Roll with daughter Milia, and celebrates July 4th with husband, President Barack Obama in a Red and Blue Sophie Theallet design dress ($995))

Here's some of Michelle's outstanding dresses/gowns from 2011.
(1st photo: Michelle wears Black Ralph Lauren from his Fall 2011 to meet with Queen, 2nd photo: Michelle wears a Doo Ri Chung gown to a State dinner with South Korean President and his wife, 3rd Photo: designer unspecified).

One of her most astonishing gowns for 2011 was worn when she met the queen, because of its remarkable resemblance to another first lady's "Meet the Queen" Dress (Jacqueline Kennedy).  Can you see the similarities between the Tom Ford designed white gown for Michelle Obama and Hubert de Givenchy's pale ice blue gown for Jackie O?

I admire Michelle Obama's ability to show reserve as much as I admire her ability to display bold style. As is the case below:

Michelle Obama wears a simple black Byron Lars for the 10 year 9-11 Memorial Observance

While it would take a book to showcase all the fine clothing Mrs. Obama wears to various functions, this piece would not be complete without featuring Michelle in this Alexander McQueen gown that stole the show at a State Dinner on 1-19-2011.


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Bre Dale said...

Shelley and Opal,

Kudos! I love this post. So interesting and pretty to look at. She is truly a style icon.

LynnDanielleTreasure said...

Very complimentary blog about our elegant First Lady. Good job! :)

cindy molitor said...

Love our First Lady's style ~ chic and elegant for State events and fashionable and approachable day-to-day!  She's the best dressed First Lady ev-ah!

Sarah Bailey said...

I have to admit I don't know much about Michelle Obama but she always strikes me as a well presented and well dressed women, a lot was shown over her when she met with Princess Catherine and she looked stunning. 

Vickie Nannette Smith said...

I think she is the best dressed first lady ever and i have seen a lot of them i am going on 50 so i have been around to see a lot of the first ladys not only her but ever thing she wares rings her style out and she does have very good tast

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