Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Guest Post: Biggest Hypes in the Alternative Scene of 2011

On her blog (http://kendallca.blogspot.com/), Kendall displays her own fashion to inspire others, which is generally more on the alternative side. She avidly post pictures on her Lookbook, which you can find here: http://lookbook.nu/kendoll. Make sure to follow her blog!

Through 2011 there were many trends among all subcultures of young adults, but most intriguing to me were what became the hype of alternative groups. There were huge trends that changed people from their hair to what Campbell's they chose to wear! Starting head to toe we will explore the most prominent trends in the alternative subculture of 2011!!!

Hair: Many spiced up their solid colored locks to an ombre effect, a subtle yet fierce trend in the community.

Dark pouting lips and rockin' Ray-Ban faux or legit were hot in the alternative scene 2011 and is a fad that won't be fading a away very soon. We saw lips an assortment of dark brooding colors from plum, to wine, to straight up black. Whichever dark shade chosen it was always the finishing touch to an outfit, along with a pair of rad sunglasses to give an intimidating 'too cool' look.

Jackets and shirts and jewelry:
Leather was a very popular choice for jackets this year, one reason probably because it looks so good with STUDS. Studs were put on everything 2011 in the alternative scene, from jackets, to shorts, to shoes. Shirts were very popularly galaxy inspired even crosses(right side up or upside down) became a hugely popular to wear on shirts and jackets, along with wearing them as necklaces, rings, and earrings.

Bottoms: Long and short! Maxi skirts and studded shorts could be found in every alternative's closet. Maxis turned tough and alternative with leather jackets and cropped shirts. Studded shorts the perfect pairing to give a flannel edge, and also became a popular and simple DIY project to achieve the look!

Shoes: Studs were even seen on shoes this year, very popular on Jeffery Campbell's very hyped Lita's which were seen paired with maxis, dresses, shorts, long socks, and any other outfit one can imagine! A popular more casual look were CREEPERS. These fantastic platformed shoes came in a variety of styles: black, white, studded, checkered, and even printed with crosses!


marla ramirez said...

Wow Kendall did such a good job ! and this post is really quite intriguing ! 


- marla

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