Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Calypso Studios Review

Calypso Studios debuted in January 2007 with a line of jewelry and accessories created from the earth's natural elements: clay, shell, and glass. The new line was immediately embraced and praised for its unique designs and mediums.
Calypso Studios' designs are on-trend, spanning the ages in both technique and those choosing these distinctive and exclusive designs. More than just a conversation piece, Calypso Studios jewelry symbolizes good taste for an independent spirit.

It is our hope that this art will bring much pleasure to those who wear it. Calypso Studios jewelry indeed serves to commemorate life’s happy moments.

I    Calypso Studios! They have so many amazing and unique pieces - so I was ecstatic when they wanted to work with me again and send me one of their NEW Shag Bags and a Clay Wrap Bracelet from their It's A Wrap Collection

Their new Shag Bags are actually made out of recycled scarf material and come in lots of different colors. They're nicely sized as well - 7.5 inches X 5 inches. These shag bags are perfect for those days or occasions that you don't feel like carrying a heavy purse around. Plus, you could use it as another compartment in your purse to hold money, makeup, and other miscellaneous items. You can check out all of Calypso Studio's Shag Bags here

I really like Calypso Studio's Wrap Bracelets. I like how wrap bracelets can be a colorful way to fill up the space on your arm without the noise of bangles (I don't know why the sound of bangles clanging together annoys me so much, it just does :p). You can get Calypso Studios' bracelets in a wide range of styles and colors. Their clay wrap bracelets are 24 inches with clay beads and waxed linen cording. You can find some more of their clay bracelets here

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