Monday, September 5, 2011

First YouTube Video

This was my first YouTube video so let me know what you think. Any tips will be greatly appreciated :)!


VijiiS said...

Your song choice: I highly approve! Unfortunately, I haven't watched many hair videos on YouTube, so I'm not a source of loads of constructive criticism here. But I will say this, because I know it's true: sometimes when you have a copyrighted song in your video they'll mute it entirely, so you may consider something else for background music in the future if that happens? In any case, I really enjoyed the video! =D

Vivalabree said...

You did good! :] You should do a talking one next time. I also love the song you used!

XoXo, Bree
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Opal Stevens said...

Haha, I bet you do! Lifehouse is definitely one of my all-time favorite bands :). Yeah, I got a message from them saying that I could use that song, but if I ever want to apply for partners they'll have to mute it. I'll definitely start making videos where I actually talk, but I just wanted to get a video out there first. I guess I'm kinda' scared to talk because I don't want to be another "annoying wannabe guru" on YouTube, lol. Thanks for your support - you are awesome!!! :D

Opal Stevens said...

Thanks, Bree!!! I'll defintely talk in the next one, lol. I'm just not sure what it should be about, hmmmmmm..... =D

Angie said...

I am gon try to do my blow dry like this next time, i just dry it with all my hair down and it gets soo much volume, so i will try this and see how it works.
Thanks =)

I have a new post up, comment it if u like it =) thx girl keep it up

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