Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Which Would You Rather Wear? Wednesday

Adriana Lima

Lea Michele

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Mary Balisacan said...

I love Adriana Lima!

misseblog said...

Love both but I think the Lea Michele would suit me more :) xx

Drizzle said...

I'm gonna go with Lea's. Being a sloppy eater, white is dangerous.


Angie said...

Hey thanks for leaving me a comment. Well the way i did that hair was really on a rush and i pretty much moussed it up and to be honest I was trying to do the Taylor swift bun that Elle did it on her tutorial [] but I could not get it to work because my hair is so layered and all the pieces would fly out. So i put it on that bun and I used a tiny bit of gel [Treseme super hold] on the fly-aways and hairspray. It was simple, and the little detail on the side required more hairspray because it was also layered. =) thanks again for the support. <3 Angie 

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