Thursday, August 11, 2011

July Favorites

Skin care products were a big part of my July favorites because I had a really bad breakout this month. I pretty much spent any extra cash on skin products so I could clear up my skin. With these products I was able to almost entirely get rid of my breakout in about a week. 

Clean & Clear Astrigent: I love this stuff! I had a really bad breakout on my forehead and on my nose a few weeks ago and this really helped. I would only recommend that you use this if you have oily skin. Even then I would start out with once a day because it can be really drying. Over the first few weeks you can work your way up to 2 or 3 applications a day. I used to have to use 2-3 oil blotting sheets a day and now I only have to use 1 (if that). The best part - it's only about $4 and should last you a month or two. Active Ingredients: Salicylic Acid 2.0%

Neutrogena SkinClearing Oil-Free Makeup: This makeup is really great for acne-prone skin. It's hypoallergenic so it won't clog pores. It controls shine with 0.5% Salicylic Acid and rapidly cuts through oil for fast acne relief. I would also only recommend this for oily skin, because the Salicylic Acid can be a bit drying with other skin types. My shade is medium beige 80. 

Olay Professional Prox Facial Cleansing Brush: This brush is really awesome if your skin needs a deep cleaning. It cleanses skin 6 times better to basic cleansing. A lot of people say it's comparable to the Clarisonic, but personally I have no idea because I've never used a Clarisonic. This was definitely another great product that helped me clear up my skin when I had a serious breakout. 

Pure Aloe Vera (Barbadensis) Jelly: After using salicylic acid so much even my super oily skin began to dry out. This moisturizer was really helpful. Pure unadulterated Aloe Jelly penetrates quickly to calm and soothe irritated or inflamed skin. Acts as a natural bandage to help the healing of blemished skin. It's a little bit pricey at $16 but it should last a while. 

Hoobastank - The Reason: A lot of people say that I listen to really depressing music, but for me it's almost like therapy. It makes me feel better. I think the songs that have this kind of emotion put into them are the most beautiful. 

Aerosmith - I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing: How could anyone not like this? It is the most beautiful song I have ever heard. 


Arianne said...

i remember those songs... :) good times

Shia Rondinelli said...

I agree...forget Proactive...I used to get the most horrible break outs and I started using Clean and Clear and now I am!

Drizzle said...

Clean and Clear works pretty well, but lately I've been using Exposed skincare, and it seems to really be working. But Clean and Clear is a lot cheaper. 


Larie said...

Salicylic acid does really dry out your skin, but I like it as a spot treatment.  Yay for favorites posts!

Opal Stevens said...

Haha, Proactive didn't help me at all! Clean and Clear is awesome and is soooo much cheaper.

Opal Stevens said...

What's you skin type? My problem is mainly whiteheads. I'm always interested in trying out new skincare lines :).

Kiasimpson said...

i love favourites post :) fan of the clean and clear too! here is my july favs :) - I decided to illustrate them ! x

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