Thursday, August 11, 2011

Guest Review: Dry Fast And Mega Last Polishes From Wet n Wild

2 teal of fortunes, 1 SaGreena the Teenage Witch, 1 Disturbia (Mega Last), 1 Blue Wants to Be A Millionaire, 1 Saved by the Blue, 2 Teal Or No Teals.

 Hey girls! So Friday I got a shipment from Wet n Wild, that contained 8 nail polishes (shown above). Yes, I got the polishes for free, for review, no that does not taint my review what so ever. My reviews are my honest opinion and I'd never change that because of a free product.

So I'm going to start with the Fast Dry polishes, they sent me 7 of them, and what I noticed as soon as I put them on was that they did not smell. Maybe it's just me, but I've noticed with some fast dry nail polishes from other companies, that they were just repulsive! With the Fast Dry polishes, they have no nasty odor, and the application is flawless, the brush gives you a very smooth coat. I couldn't believe the pigmentation too, only one maybe two coats gives you amazing vibrant color.

Wet n Wild also sent me one Mega Last, I had actually purchased an Mega
Last a week ago, in Bite the Bullet and I absolutely loved it. I was so excited when I saw that they sent me Disturbia, Disturbia is a eggplant-plum shade that looks gorgeous with Bite the Bullet. Much like the Fast Dry polishes, Mega Last is extremely pigmented, but it actually dries really fast too. I wouldn't say it dries as fast as the Fast Dry, but I'd say it dries faster than most normal nail polishes.

Bite the Bullet

I really enjoyed trying these polishes out! I'm so excited to add the Wet n Wild, Fast Dry and Mega Last products to my collection, they are fabulous for not only Spring and Summer but also the colder months!

Thanks For Reading!


VijiiS said...

When you say they don't have a nasty odor, do you mean they don't have that extra-nastiness of fast dry or that they also don't have the regular icky polish smell?

Shia Rondinelli said...

I'm so bad about not waiting long enough for nail polish to dry.  I'm going to try these!  Thanks for sharing!

alexatherton said...

they don't have the extra nastiness of fast dry, they smell like regular polishes :) sorry for not being very specific!

alexatherton said...

aw your welcome! I am the same, very impatient when it comes to nail polish and I loved these! your welcome, and thank you for commenting!!!

VijiiS said...

Thanks for getting back to me! =D

Becky B said...

Love the blue polish.  Thanks for the visit and follow.  Following back.

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