Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Stylish Blogger Award!

1. Link back to who awarded you!
Thank you sooooo much Alexandra! If your not following this girl's blog you are crazy!

2. Seven Random Things!

1. My favorite number is 77. Aha, kinda' works with the theme, huh :)?

2. I cry during a lot of movies, but for some reason no one sees me. Weird, right? I guess I have mastered the art of quiet crying (yeah, i'm cool like 'dat, jk). I was actually talking to Alexandra about this the other day - not about how cool I am, but about being big movie cryers, lol. But seriously, I cried big time when I watched UP, Tangeled, and Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel

3. I have a feeling that someone's going to be mad that I used "but" at the beginning of the last sentence. So what?! I hated it when teachers told me that I couldn't use "but" or "and" at the beginning of a sentence! Yeah, I know it's not a good habit to get into... Actually, I'm not a big fan of anyone telling me how to do things, but I'm getting better at putting a fake smile on my face. Lol, like I know I'm smiling at you, but I'm really throwing insults at you in my brain. 

4. Pride & Prejudice is my FAVORITE movie ever! Keira Knightley is amazing. 

5. I love tea! I drink it 2 or 3 times a day. 

6. I have really awesome parents. 

7. I get lonely really easily. I don't know why, I guess I just like having a lot of friends and being around people all the time. I need to get over that. 

3. Pass on the Award!
I award:
Roxanne Joyce - She is really cool and I really love her blog! She also has really great style :). 

Mercedes - Only recently I really go to know her, but so far there has not been a day that goes by that I don't crack up at something she said :D. 

Danielle Jordan Terry - She is awesome and she has soooo many awesome posts on her blog!


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