Thursday, July 14, 2011

Luminess Air Review

This is the same airbrush system used on TV, FILM and PRINT to help make celebrities look flawless. Now Luminess Air brings the same PROFESSIONAL technology home for everyone to use. It's fast, easy and the results are BREATHTAKING. The entire system weights only 1.5lbs and comes with our silver "Hello" clutch bag. This stylish bag holds your airbrush system and has generous space for your everyday makeup! Use it everyday or take it with you while traveling.

I am in love - this is one of the most amazing product I have ever tried! This Luminess Air system gives your face a flawless and radiant glow, while completely covering up your blemishes. I was a little scared about reviewing this, because I wasn't sure that air brushing was something a girl with no professional makeup experience could do. But after watching the instructional dvd it was so easy it's not even funny! With this system you can go for a sheer look, a natural look, and even a high-coverage natural look. Unlike traditional application methods where you apply foundation and have to remove excess by blending or wiping off with a tissue, airbrush makeup is a layering process until the desired look is obtained. 

Not only can you apply foundation with Luminess Air, you can apply eye shadow, blush, and even bronzer. You can actually apply the blush first and then apply foundation. This will provide a glowing blush from within (this application technique is only possible with airbrush). The Luminess Air bronzer gives the face a really nice sun-kissed, warm glow. My favorite part was apply the eyeshadow which was really easy and quick - it took less than a minute and looked like a professional had done it! The carrying case is really cute and fashionable - it's lightweight and has tons of room for your airbrush cosmetics and other items like mascara, kipstick, gloss, etc. Here's a list of the awesome benefits of airbrushing:

- The most delicate flawless finish also known as the "Airbrush Look"
- Very Hygenic, never touches the face unlike hands, sponges and brushes
- Fast, application takes less than 1/2 the time
- Light to Maximum coverage giving a natural finish
- Gives the look of naturally beautiful young skin
- Exact Skin Tone color match only possible through the technology of airbrush
- Minimizes pores, and the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines for a softer, younger look
- Able to apply foundation, blush, bronzer, concealer, eye shadow and more!
- No more foundation neckline, airbrush allows natural blending
- Appearance of blemishes, age spots, redness, large pores, acne, freckles are softened appear to vanish
- Easily evens out skin tone and patchiness for that look of perfection
- Dermatologist Recommended
- Easy to use on the face and body


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