Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lolly Rotten Etsy Shop Review

Welcome and please mind the gap as you board our shop. Lolly Rotten is a collection of gothic and alternative perfume designed and lovingly hand made especially for you, oh most discerning shopper. We hope you'll find something here to interest your punky little heart.

All our perfumes are completely original, and our formulae slaved over with absolute devotion, you'll never find an imitation or a product with less than 100% of our hearts in it. Not literally of course, that would be pretty gross. You've probably noticed that our style is pretty unique. We like the stark, dramatic effect; it contrasts so beautifully with what's in the bottle ;)

All of Lolly Rotten's perfumes are made with 100% natural cold pressed Jojoba Oil, which your skin will adore. Perfume oil not only holds scent exceptionally well, rather than evaporating off and mutating as the day goes by; but it's also more environmentally friendly and much better for your health. Just check out how soft and nourished your skin feels after wearing our perfumes!

I absolutely love this etsy shop! Their great customer services, awesome sense of humor, and unique and amazing perfumes make it an wonderful shopping experience. I'm not a goth but I think you'd have to be crazy not to love their perfumes. I really like how unique and high quality their perfume scents. I was a little worried about whether or not the scents would last all day, but I was happily surprised to find that the scent stayed on all day. 

Imagine walking through an old graveyard late at night, just after a rainfall. The wet grass under your feet, the scent of old crumbling stone, the light covering of moss on all the treetrunks. Picture the ivy running unchecked over marble tombs, the cut flowers left by loved ones of the deceased, the damp wood and fern and something secret and dark and mysterious just below the surface. Haunted is your own personal journey to the otherworld, what lies beyond, nobody knows.

My Thoughts: This scent smelled really clean and fresh like a really high quality bar soap or body wash. It's got that amazing right out of the shower smell. Their samples sizes are roll on for easy application.     

Bite Me
Remember in that TV series, where the vamp was all 'Woah, your blood is like, awesome! Totally the best tasting blood ever!" I might be paraphrasing, but what the hey. This is how I imagine blondie-girl's blood would taste. Sunshine and summer fruits and a little southern magic. All in all, pretty delicious.

My Thoughts: There is a reason this perfume is called "Bite Me", I seriously wanted to eat it :D! It smells like candy. I was so surprised at how great all of these perfumes are.  

Eye of newt, toe of frog… Not so much; but Adder’s Fork sounds a bit more like it. Venom is a lush, green, herbaceous perfume, in fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if it were hallucinogenic. But hey, don’t swallow it. Wear it instead, and evoke the mystical spell casting and deep hedonism of times past. Benzoin, Oakmoss, Rosewood and Basil, sounds like a potion we could really get our forked tongues into.

My Thoughts: Lol, I love all the names and descriptions of these perfumes! All the perfumes I tried were amazing and this one was no exception. It's got a really sweet and wonderful scent - I wish I could explain how wonderful it smells :). 

I am in love with Lolly Rotten's perfumes and will definitely make many purchases in the future!


Vivalabree said...

These are so rad!:D Very cool and unique.

Btw follow my blog if you haven't yet and if you can my twitter too! (Viva_La_Breee)
xoxo, Bree

Jellie Bean said...

These look so cute and interesting I definatly want to try them

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