Monday, June 27, 2011

Opal Stevens' Beauty Blogger of the Week: Shianne

I'm very excited to announce this week's Beauty Blogger of the Week - Shianne! Make sure to follow her blog Invention of Being Her

How did you get started blogging?
Well last year I started to blog, I got the inspiration from other fashion and beauty blogs I followed, and I thought if they can do it, then what’s stopping me? Also my friend told me she created her own blog just for herself, and that gave me the idea to do it even more. My blog isn’t to make a profit off of or to have millions of followers, it is just for me to post my thoughts and fashion and beauty products I’m into.

Beauty trend you love?
I don’t really follow trends, but I like volume mascaras that makes great thick eyelashes that make your eyes pop (is that a trend lol) and crimson color lipstick. Also I like black eyeliner which is something I can never live without.

Favorite fashion trend?
I’m also not really up with fashion trends, up until like 9th grade I was a major tomboy. But I’m out of that phase, I do like the hipster like fashion places like Urban Outfitters has a lot of clothes that I like, but is very expensive - not good for an unemployed teenager (lol).

Favorite Health tip? 
Exfoliate every day, whether it is your face or your whole body. I wash my face every day with organic products like Oueen Helene’s Oatmeal’n Honey Natural Facial Scrub. Also when exercising pace yourself and make sure you want to lose weight for your own reasons and not someone else’s, don’t want to be a certain weight because someone told you that was beautiful. Motivate yourself and your body!

What are some of your favorite beauty products?
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara probably my favorite beauty product, I love big eyes and in order to enhance my eyes I have to also enhance my eyelashes and Falsies mascara works wonderfully. It doesn't clump like other mascaras and has a two sided brush for bottom and top eyelashes.

Eyeliners My favorite beauty product, like the falsies mascara I can't live with out eyeliner. I'm not big on bright colored ones I strictly stick to black,brown, and white. I don't stick with any brand, I just choose ones that I like. 

Tan & Brown Eye Shadow which are really the only colors I wear, I'm not big on bright colored eye shadows. So I stick with neutral colors.I don't wear eye shadow a lot, but when I do those are the usual colors that I use.

Kabuki Face Brush This is my favorite brush to use when applying powder foundations, its really soft on skin, and doesn't harm skin no matter the skin texture.

Revlon Crimson Lipstick My favorite color to use,I like dark colors for lips and its gives your lips a fuller look. I don't apply a lot I add some to my lips and them blend it in with my finger. But its a great color to use, I wear it on special occasions because I'm not a lipstick girl.

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