Monday, June 20, 2011

Opal Stevens' Beauty Blogger of the Week: Y Shum

Get this look!
I'm very excited to announce this week's Beauty Blogger of the Week - Y Shum! Make sure to follow her blog Pretty China Doll. 

How did you get started blogging?
It's because my friend Mika ( was blogging. She doesn't actually blog anymore because of school... So literally one day, during orchestra class, shes like "I started my own blog!". Then I thought, hmm I will too! So, I decided to blog. I don't really blog for followers or to make money because I don't have many followers and I don't actually make money off it. I do it mostly to chronicle my DIY projects, beauty adventures, and to review products.

Beauty trend you love?

Bold lips + false lashes. Is this even a trend? I would like to think so. I like bright lipsticks. They're easy to do when you are lazy and decide to wake up like 20 minutes before class and it takes 5 to walk to class. I like false lashes combined with bold lips because I like false lashes. And obviously bright lipsticks. Enough said.

Favorite fashion trend?

None. I don't really consider myself a trendsetter nor do I consider myself a follower. In 6th grade (back in the early 2000s) I wasn't really too interested in fashion. I was interested in school and school only. Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if I were a fashion trend follower. My pudgy body that was still filled with baby fat would have been stuffed into "so-low" pants (basically workout pants with a very low waist and slightly flaired bottoms) and belly shirts. Ew. Now, that I'm more svelte (hah not really.), i still don't follow trends. I'm really not going to wear maxi dresses. I'm not going to buy them, then have to hem them myself. Just because I'm asian and I love sewing, doesn't mean I'm a sweatshop. 

I like belts, dresses with LARGE floral print (none of that weird Laura Ingalls Wilder on the prairie flashback for me), boot cut jeans, and heels. I don't believe in gladiators (dressed up flip flops) and I will dress semi formal, even to class.

Favorite health tip?

From my mom, eat 7 colors a day, 25 different things. This doesn't mean white= vanilla ice cream, brown= massive amounts of chocolate) and no you cannot eat 25 kinds of chocolate and call it a day. I love it personally because it makes me build salads in a more creative way (in the salad place at school) and it reminds me to eat more fruit. It reminds me to eat healthier. 

What are some of your fave beauty products?

Gold Eyeshadow - Gold is my favorite eyeshadow color. 'Nuff said. Favorite? L'Oreal HIP duo in Gilded. I haven't found a dupe yet. 

False Lashes - Ardells 301s are natural on me. I love natural eyelashes, since for asian people, they are hard to come by.

Bold Lipstick - Revlon Orange Flip. It's orange. And it's revlon. It's cheap at Target.

Biore Face Products - I love Biore. I love their pore scrub and makeup wipes.


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