Thursday, June 9, 2011

LaVaque Tweezers Review

LaVaque Tweezers stands behind its motto that "Beauty requires Precision™", promising you extreme accuracy and extravagance. I can honestly say that these are the best pair of tweezers that I have ever owned. Personally, I've always used generic brand tweezers because I saw no point in paying 5 or 6 extra dollars - I was soooo wrong. LaVaque Tweezers sent me their Classic Slanted Tip Tweezers and I must say that they are  uh-mazing. The tip of these tweezers pick up those pesky hairs so easily. The size on them is really great as well (no too small and not too bulky - perfect). The best part? LaVaque Tweezers stands behind their tweezers with the Best Gurantee: You Break'em, you Dull'em, We Replace'em. No Questions asked. So basically, for less than $20 you will have an amazing pair of tweezers for life!

Classic Slanted Tip Tweezers (Only 19.95!!!)

Swarovski Tweezers (29.95)

Make sure to check out LaVaque's facebook :). Every Monday is the giveaway for a LaVaque Slanted Tweezers for their facebook fans!

This product was provided to the reviewer free of charge for the purpose of writing this review. This in no way sways the opinion of the reviewer and the quality of this review. No monetary transaction occurred in exchange for the writing of this review.   


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