Saturday, June 18, 2011

Guest Post: What's In My Bag?

It's back! This time we'll find out what's in Y's bag :). Make sure to check out her blog - Pretty China Doll! Here she is: 

Err I always see this “What's in my bag” post going around. Frankly, I have a pretty shoddy bag with the items. As much as I brag about how I love makeup and whatever, I never carry it with me. Honestly, I can't be bothered to actually go to the bathroom and reapply something. In college, I go back to my dorm often enough to reapply and in high school, I wasn't going to actually miss class to reapply lipstick. Seriously. I'm not about to fail a test just so my lipstick can look fresh.

Bag: Given by my mommy! It's been around for like over 20 years. It's made of cheap sofa material. I only say that because I have a sofa that's made of this material. It's quite heavy, but roomy and useful. 
  • 1 set of keys
  • Old yellow wallet (I've actually stitched it back together in the coin part lol) made of fake leather.
  • 1 periodic table from AP chem. I usually keep it in my wallet.
  • 1 mirror. OKAY SO I'M NOT THAT LOW MAINTENANCE (even though I claim this to my bf)
  • 1 pen
  • 1 cellphone (free after rebates so it basically has no functions besides text, call, pictures)
  • 1 planner (my life)
  • 1 windbreaker because I went walking outside that day.

Lol. My life. 


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