Thursday, June 2, 2011

Guest Post: DIY Sample Storage

I'm very pleased to announce that this post was written by a guest blogger - Y! Make sure to follow her blog, the XX Chronicles. She did an awesome job and I really think you'll enjoy her post :). Here she is:

Hey ladies! So I'm here with a great DIY way to store samples from indie companies. Personally, I have A LOT of samples from companies, either from winning giveaways or from swapping on makeupalley or from purchasing products from these indie companies. Usually I hate using the samples because they come in little plastic baggies. I hate shoving my brushes in there because I usually end up getting too much or product gets on the handles. Ew.

What you need:
  • Pill planners. I got mine for 1.37 at CVS.
  • Samples.
  • Scissors
  • A baby wipe for sanitation

1. First off, take the label off the sample and save it. You'll need it later. 

2. Next, tap all the product to a corner of the baggie. Then snip the corner off. Don't snip it too close to the product!

3. Sanitize a little box of the pill planner. Dump the product in. Snap the lid shut and then cut the label to size. Then, stick it on the bottom of the pill planner. 

4. Repeat with all your samples. This is my finished depotting of 13 samples. 

Pretty nice huh? I mean it does get a little messy but it's better than letting your samples go to waste. I find that I NEVER use my samples if they're left in the baggie so I don't mind spending the 1.37 (well in my case, 2.74) on pill planners. I hope that you try this out if you have a lot of samples yourself ladies!



Gemma said...

Love how organised this is....great idea

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