Thursday, April 21, 2011

Curly Gurls Series: Goin' Straight

I've decide to do a series of blog posts on curly hair. There is so much to cover - from shampooing to conditioning, hairstyles to hair products, and even the different types of curls. It's a little overwhelming, so I'm going to be writing individual articles on each of the topics.

You may feel that having curly hair is a curse, but trust me I have spent hours with rollers, curling irons, even ripped up pieces of fabric to achieve your look. But if you're really tired of going natural and feeling the straight look, this is the post for you!

I really enjoyed this video. Here's some extra tips:
  • When she brushed her hair, she brushed it with a regular brush when it was wet! DON'T do that; make sure you always use a wide tooth comb when brushing wet hair. Otherwise your hair will break and breakage means major frizz - you do not want that. 
  • If you let your hair air-dry in a bun like she did, make sure that you don't use the rubber bands with the metal piece. These will cause major damage, I would recommend a scrunchie. 
  • Like she said, use a heat protectant. I can not stress that enough, especially considering the fact that they're not that expensive (like $3 dollars at your local supermarket or drugstore). They make a huge difference!


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