Monday, April 25, 2011

Biosilk Silk Therapy Review

I was really excited about Biosilk Silk Therapy because it was going to be my first giveaway & my first review. I am definitely not disappointed! I've been using it for the last couple of weeks and I'm in love with it. It makes my hair soft, smooth, and shiny, and keeps the frizzies at bay. So, here are my opinions:

- Smells AMAZING!
- Makes hair softer, smoother, and gives it a healthy glow
- It's also a heat protectant
- You really only need a tiny bit (a dime/nickle size amount) to get great results. So my 5.64 oz bottle should last me quite a few months on my long, thick hair - which is always great :)
- Works on all hair types

- It pours out really fast! The first time I used it I poured out waaaay too much (oopsies)
- A bit pricey - I paid about $10 bucks for a 5.64 oz bottle. But then again, it should last you a long time.


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