Thursday, December 19, 2013

REVIEW: Nailrits Nail Art Kit

"Nailrits" is a fun product that even the least creative person could make there nails look like you went to the salon. The Neon kit includes 10 nail polishes with brush and a detail fine til, 5 component connectors, and a cleaning tool for detail fine tip.

 I am going to a Christmas party soon and I wanted a nice design that would symbolize Christmas. So I used the Neon kit which includes.. Orange Crush, Lemon, Sunkist, Fushia Violet Femmes, Lime, Hot Pink, Purplicious, Outer Limits Blue, and Glow-in-the-Dark. Here is a tutorial of what I had in mind!

Step 1. Ok so first what you want to do is take your Lime dotting tool and screw off the top to open up the brush part, and paint every other nail that color. Do the same with the Fushia.

Step 2. On the Lime nails dot the Fushia drag it some to make it look like bulbs. On the Fushia place lime dots and drag for a bulb affect.

Step 3. Use a black nail art brush (I used the brand Brash) and drag along the thin sides of your bulbs. 

That's all! It's really simple. I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. To buy the Neon kit click here:

To try out other kits click here:

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Adolescent Troubles - Free Secrets to Flawless skin

Teens aren't the only one struggling... This will work for all ages. 
"Eucalyptus" is not only good for opening up your lungs it's also incredible for acne. This essence naturally ranges in Australia, and is a main ingredient in "Vicks" a product used to open up your lungs in times of illness, and allergies. I recently came across Eucalyptus about 2 weeks ago. My acne was huge, red, and nasty. So I went to a friend and and she introduced me to this amazing essential oil. I dropped some into my hand and dabbed it on to each evil little pimple until they were all coated. The next day they were smaller, and soon enough they were gone. You don't even need very much it's an insanely strong essence so I DO NOT recommend inhaling it... This comes from experience, sadly.    

"Lavender" a calming smell that can turn a regular bath into an expensive feeling spa day. Found in "Cape Verde," and the "Canary islands ." Normally used  in tea, lotions, shampoo and conditioners, ect. I recently found it used for scaring from popped acne, and other scratches. I started applying it about 2 days ago it's taking a bit of time but it's worth it. I have a friend that has been using it and her face looks like a baby's... Well you get the point. 

Thanks for reading, xoxo <3 bye!!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fall in Love with Fashion

Fall is here! The season where layers, patterns, and warm colors are in and we are out to shop.
This particular outfit is great for a day of shopping with the girls. I am wearing a "Merona" trench coat:
I am also wearing a pair of "Jollypop" chunky heels:
This next outfit is more casual and chic:
An army green collar blouse by "Max Studio" paired with a plain white undershirt:
For my bottoms, I am wearing grey skinny jeans by "Mossimo". 
Super comfy and perfect for those lazy days:
For my accessories, I decided to go with my favorite sunglasses,
studded ankle boots, and a green heart necklace:
That about wraps it up. Comment, like, and share!! Thanks for reading xoxo <3

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ring in the New Year with a New Look

You’ve drank the champagne and made the New Year Resolutions, but do you still feel like you’re stuck with the 2008 version of yourself? While New Year’s usually signals in a clean slate and heady optimism, it can also remind you of how much the years haven’t been any different from each other either. If you’re craving for a drastic change, one of the best ways to start off is to revamp your look. The physical change will signal the need to overhaul the rest of your life as well. While the make over sequence in your favorite movies seem to take all of three minutes, you have to understand that a new look might take a lot more than a day to achieve. But take your time, do your research and mentally prepare yourself for the gasps that you will be subject to. Are you ready? Read on for a couple of suggestions on how to launch a more fabulous version 2.0 of you.

1.) Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning

Before you can rev up your make over, take stock of what’s in your closet and make up drawer. For make-up, toss anything that smells funky, or changed in terms of color or consistency. Anything over two years old has to go too. For your closet, get rid of anything that you haven’t used in more than a year, and clothes so old or ill fitting, no amount of repairs can render it usable. Once you’re cleared out some much-needed space, you can finally get around for shopping for new closet staples.

2.) Take Advantage of End of Season Sales

January is one of the best times to stock up because it marks the end of a season, so a lot of items will be on discount. Don’t be finicky about being caught in last season’s items. It’s 2013 and no one really cares if you’re wearing the “it” coat from two seasons ago. As long as it looks amazing on you, and you got it at a steal, you still win. So be on the lookout for sale signs in the designer stores you used to balk at. Remember well made clothing and accessories never go out of style.

3.) Update the basics

The trick to always looking polished is to invest in quality basics that make you look like a million bucks. For fashion, a great pair of jeans and durable pumps are your best bets to making your chic discount top look like a designer find too. If people (especially your parents!) always nag you on dressing sloppily, take it as a cue to invest in more tailored pieces. If you’re a fan of loose band shirts and skinny jeans, throw on a gorgeous blazer over the ensemble to add a bit of polish without sacrificing your personal style.

When it comes to make up quality always trump quantity. You don’t need five different lip-glosses that look goopy on your lips anyway. Invest in a good concealer and face powder, and don’t scrimp when choosing make up brushes. When it comes to pigments, you don’t have to have the entire color wheel at your disposal, focus on investing in shades that suit your skin tone. If you haven’t yet, its also never to soon to invest in skincare. Have a skincare routine, and add in daily sunblock and anti-aging treatment too, just to be on the safe side.

4.) Don’t be too trend resistant.

Yes, everybody has an inner fear of looking like a fashion victim, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stick to the same monochrome palette everyday. Sure you might have curated a style comfort zone already, but deviate from it every once in a while. Go ahead and invest in a luxurious trench coat, and a cute pair of booties as well. As long as you stick to one outrageous piece per outfit, you are still within the realms of stylish.

5.) Trust the Professionals

DIY may be a big trend when it comes to beauty and fashion, but there are times when you have to turn to the professionals to assure a job well done. Don’t even attempt to perm your own hair or to drastically restyle it without the help of a professional. Pay a visit to your favorite salon and try out a new hairstyle to ring in the New Year. A dye job or reshaping your eyebrows can have drastic effects as well.

Start off 2013 with a bang by ushering in a newer and more stylish version of you. Don’t forget to have fun and to stick to treatments and styles you’re comfortable with. Happy New Year to the new you!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Best Christmas Gifts for Beauty Junkies

All the stores in the mall are decked with Christmas trimmings, yet there's no doubt that shopping during the holidays is still a stressful experience. While it’s easier than ever to make purchases online and avoid the maddening mall rush, the true dilemma is in mastering the art of gift giving.

You have friends you’ve known for years, but you still have no idea what they’d want to see under the Christmas tree. Rather than buying a gift at random, and including a gift receipt for return, it’s time to flex your creative juices, in the spirit of holiday cheer. Chances are you have a girl friend (or three!) that has been your resident guru for all things beauty related. You just know, that they’d love to receive something they can use to primp during the holidays. Here’s a handy guide on the perfect gifts for each type of beauty personality!

The Classic Beauty

This girl would be lost without her Lacoste Polo Shirt and pearl earrings. She’s a sucker for the no-make up look and prioritizes looking fresh as a daisy all the time. Your beloved preppie would love to get products that are designed to enhance her already radiant complexion. Try out Chanel’s CC Cream (their version of the ubiquitous BB cream) or a good primer such as Smashbox or Laura Mercier.

If shades and skin type are too complicated for your haggard holiday self, your friend will also appreciate tried and tested beauty tools to upgrade her everyday routine. Consider buying her Acca Kappa hairbrushes or the famed Shu Uemura eyelash curler.

The Nature Lover

This flower child might be accused of looking unkempt from afar, but make no mistake, the loosely braided hair and carefully dewy complexion is the result of a bunch of products that are designed to enhance the natural glow.

To be extra thoughtful, take her lifestyle into consideration when choosing gifts. If she’s a staunch vegan, cosmetic products tested on animals are a definite no-no. Opt for organic lines from the likes of Origins, Lush or Kiehl’s, to appeal to her nature loving sensibilities. If she’s the type to get down and dirty planting trees and literally giving nature a hand, consider gifting her with Loccitane’s brightening hand cream to keep her hands soft and smooth.

The Funky Hipster

Never one to become a wallflower, this life of the party likes loud colors that showcase her equally vivacious personality as well. She doesn’t shy away from bold colors or surprising combinations, purple lash extensions anyone?

Almost every party animal worships at the altar of Andy Warhol, so it’s a great excuse to amp up her 15 seconds of fame by gifting her with any of the wonderful products from the Nars x ay Warhol collaboration. The stellar polish shades and the Edie gift set are particular recommendations.

For someone who is out every night, it’s only a matter of time before her skin starts to rebel on her lifestyle. Gift her with the priceless present of prevention by sending her a skin care set, Clinique’s iconic three step program is one of the easiest to follow, so drunkenness won’t stand in the way of her comprehension. If her partying has started to take a toll on her skin, Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Serum does wonders for skin as well.

The Know-It-All

We all have friends who have a habit of rattling off obscure facts or ingredient names of the cosmetics we purchase. This kind of girl knows her stuff, and this means that her taste in beauty products is just as discerning as well.

Try wooing her by introducing her to obscure brands that are known to produce great product. Santa Maria Novella and Diptyque are two specialty stores that you might want to tap if you seriously want to impress her. Another option is to give her beauty coupons for services instead of pre-selected products. This way customer maintains a sense of responsibility to possible delays or modifications in the mechanics.

Happy Christmas Shopping!

Holiday Star Style

For most working women, the holiday season seems to have crept up, leaving our wardrobes unprepared for the dozens of parties happening left and right. Chances are, you’ve exhausted all your outfit options during the first tide of Christmas parties, and now you’re scrambling left and right to come up with outfits without committing the dreaded holiday faux pas: outfit repeating.

So what’s a woman who’s RSVP-ed too much to do? Get inspired and get creative! It's a good thing the Internet has made inspiration only a couple of clicks away. Celebrity style icons are your best source for innovative ways to make your wardrobe holiday appropriate. Celebrities spend thousands of dollars for stylists to make them look positively alluring during holiday events, and you can definitely cop their style at almost no cost.

We’ve chosen four celebrities who have been making rounds in holiday best dressed list for their smart and flattering sartorial choices. Great make-up and accessories are played up to the hilt as well. We’ve listed down elements of their style that you can apply to your own wardrobe, say goodbye to holiday party jitters!

1.) Emma Stone

If you hate the drab colors, Emma Stone definitely feels the same way. This quirky girl is known to inject bright pops of color into any outfit. She’s not one to be draped in uber formal gowns too; most of her outfits are short and sweet which definitely highlights her youth.

To mimic Emma Stone’s style stick to structure bright colored pieces. Pair a skin-tight sweater top with a peplum skirt and top of with bright glossy lipstick. Keep the rest of your make-up to a minimum and try a casual hairstyle such as a loose chignon. This look is best for casual dinners with friends and the occasional night out with cocktails.

2.) Anne Hathaway

Discounting Anne’s recent flashing incident, Hathaway has been consistent in surprising style critics in holiday parties. This girl is all about the dramatic element; her statuesque figure is great for her sartorial picks as well. If you’re looking to make a splash, emulate Anne’s Looks. Her recent black dominatrix themed outfit during the premiere of Les Miserables has definitely been the talk of the town. She’s fond of Ankle length flowy dresses and sequin appliques as well. If you’re planning to dress like her, the golden rule is if you feel like anything is enough, just add one more thing, and the outfit will definitely pop! Of course remember to do your outlandish outfit choices with reference to your body type and the occasion.

3.) Kristen Stewart

The ubiquitous Twilight celeb definitely has nothing in common with her simple dressing character, Bella Swan. The best part about Kristen’s outfit choices is that she isn’t afraid to take risks, and these risks usually pay off, big time.

Whether she’s decked out in a gothic designer number or a head to toe sequin piece, she never loses her affable self-deprecating charm. So if you’re the type who isn’t afraid to tint your outfit with a strong personality, you should emulate Kristen Stewart’s style indeed. Make-up wise, just pile on the eye line for a sexy smoky eye and you’re good to go.

4.) Olivia Palermo

While her claim to fame into the collective consciousness may have been a short lived MTV show, Olivia’s style star has already skyrocketed in the fashion industry. She’s the epitome of classiness, a steely all American girl who would never be caught dead without freshly blown dry hair.

If you want to cop her style without going head to toe designer, just choose dresses in classic cuts such as shift dresses with clean lines and good stitching. While impeccable workmanship doesn’t come cheap these days, you can scour your local thrift store for vintage finds that have stood the test of time. Just keep in mind that Olivia adheres to a strictly minimalist aesthetic, so no gaudy ribbons or rainbow colors!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Opal Stevens' Holiday Giveaway Event! December 17th-23rd

Hey girlies! The holidays are now upon us :) So what better way to celebrate than by entering to win A TON of beauty products?! One person will win a large variety of beauty and bath products! Prizes include an e.l.f. Beauty Book - Smoky Eyes, Green Tea & Verbena Hand Cream, a Green Tea & Verbena Bath Soap, a Que Bella Dead-Sea Mud Mask, a Quince Replenishing Coffee Pumpkin Body Butter, a Quince Antioxidant Blueberry, Pomegranate, and Almond Body Butter, and a Sinful Colors' Nail Polish in Sugar Sugar.

What you need to do..  enter the rafflecopter below! Best of luck :D

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